Blackjack strategies

Blackjack is a complicated card game. When you learn the basic rules, you will be thinking that it is a simple game. And it is, when you understand it. But it`s not quite that simple. Many online blackjack players use a strategy. If you want to know what strategys there are, or if you want to choose your own strategy, keep reading.

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Blackjack strategy hard hand

First we tell you about the "hard hand" strategy. A hard hand means that you have two cards that doen`t include an ace card. Because you don`t have an ace card you will be in a risky position. This is because you can`t choose your ace tob e a one or eleven, because you haven`t get one yet. On the other side when you a 2 and a three, the total is just 5. Officially it is a hard hand, but you won`t take any risk when you hit another card. But if you have higher cards, there will be a risk that you will get over 21 points when you hit another card. The strategy is this: if you have 12 to 16 points and the dealers cards are 2 to 6 points, you should stand. But if the dealers cards are a 7 and an ace, you should hit. If your cards are between 17 and 21 you should always stand. The rick to get over 21 is too high.

Blackjack strategy soft hand

When you know why hard hands are what they are, it`s simple to see what soft hands are. Soft hands are hands with two cards, including an ace card. For example: ace and 3 = soft 14, ace and 6 = soft 17. A soft hand means that you cannot be busted by one card. The only thing you can do is improve the hand, by hitting another one. That is because you can choose if you see the ace card as a 1 or 11. SO it is always safe to hit another card.

Card counting at blackjack in real casinos

Card counting is one of the most poplar strategys being used in real casinos. When people count cards they keep track which cards have already been on the table. They give these cards positive and negative values. Every card is counted, so the player knows how high the counting is. At the beginning of the game, when the dealer has a new set of cards, the counting starts at zero. Low cards well be counted as 1 point and high cards as -1 point. If the counting is getting higher, the chance of getting a higher card is getting bigger, so you can bet higher. When the counting is getting lower, the chance of getting a low card is getting smaller, and your bet must be lower The philosophy behind this is, when there are more high cards in the game, the chance that the dealer more than 21 points is getting bigger. And you as a player have more chanche to get blackjack or a high card.